BAMBOO – conditioner

WHYJOJOBA Jojoba (aka Jojoba) is a Hawaiian native plants. The seed oil, which has a high number of shrub plants, has good permeability and high temperature resistance. Since ancient times, used as a variety of maintenance and treatment of the use, in fact, jojoba in the original there is a magical shrub meaning. Jojoba oil

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BIOTIN – conditioner

WHY BIOTIN Biotin, in fact, being involved in the activity of the propionyl-CoA carboxylase enzyme (catalyst for various key steps in protein metabolism), promotes the synthesis of keratin, a filamentous protein constitutive of hair, nails and body hair. Also known as vitamin H, vitamin B7 or coenzyme R, contains B vitamins, such as folic acid

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COCO – conditioner

WHY PENTAVITIN Natural complex of carbohydrates which, thanks to its unique affinity with the hair, guarantees instant and deep hydration, it is perfect for restoring thanks to its long-lasting hydration. One of its functions is to improve direct communication between neighboring cells, but also the exchange of signals between epidermal cells. PentaVitin is a highly

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